LacyPet Sextape (her first video)

Lacypet Sextape12 mins1280×720938kb/s

Lacypet is an amateur with an insane body: the tits, hips, legs, youthfulness, skin, even her arms neck are disturbingly nice. Maybe you’ve seen her pics being traded around the internet at some point, she has talent.

This is her first porn video, she recently sold it privately on reddit. I think she cut her teeth posting nude photos on tumblr then she moved on to filming full-blown porn in her boyfriend’s disgusting unkempt room, and selling it on reddit.

She identifies as a non-binary gender, and her pronouns are actually “They, Them”!!!! LOL

In contrast to her hyper-feminine body, she grooms her face to look like a boy, and she does have quite a boyish face! And I think she often leaves her arm-pit hair unshaven, which is pretty cool. She doesn’t wear make-up and she doesnt even exercise, she’s completely natural.

She uses her love of pizza, cats, and nintendo as a substitute for a personality!

1 thought on “LacyPet Sextape (her first video)

  1. May watch again. I have no idea why but tomboyish/androgynous girls with super sexy bodies are amazing. Especially this one with great proportions. She can fuck off with all that non-binary shit when you post vids mostly only showing off your feminine body and fucking a dude. SHE’s good wank even with the garbo audio desynch

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